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Luciana Diniz
Luciana Diniz – Rider of the year 2012
Luciana Diniz on Lennox
Foto: © Frieler
Luciana Diniz – Rider of the year 2012

(Munich) Luciana Diniz, best friend of Edouard de Rothschild, whose horses she also presents at international horse shows, has perfectly implemented her plan and became the "Rider of the Year" for the first time over the weekend in Munich. Originally, she wanted to go to the World Cup in Lyon. But picking up the World Cup points had to wait. "She will now, after speaking with me, devote herself to the World Cup with my stallion Winningmood," Edouard de Rothschild said. Winningmood has a lot of reserved strength and energy because he was not used in the Olympic Games. Edouard de Rothschild: "Our goal is now the World Cup Finals in Gothenburg, Sweden."

First, however, Luciana can enjoy a perfect weekend in Munich: After her ride, she hugged Lennox, her large Oldenberg gelding and stuck her thumb in the air in a winning gesture. Even before her colleagues rode in, she knew that she had the title in the bag.


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Grand Prix of the Deutsche Kreditbank AG DKB Riders Tour, Competition

  1. David Will (Pfungstadt) with Colorit, 0 errors / 31.62 time;
  2. Marcus Ehning (Borken) with Cornadó NRW, 0/32.46;
  3. Luciana Diniz (POR) with Lennox, 0/33.32;
  4. Max Kühner (Starnberg) with Clintop, 0/34.47;
  5. Amy Graham (AUS) with Bella Baloubet, 0/34.66;
  6. Dominique Hendrickx (BEL) with Cor van de Wateringhoeve, 0/35.57;


Final scores of the DKB Riders Tour after seven stations 2012

  1. Luciana Diniz (Portugal), 61 points
  2. Marcus Ehning (Borken), 56 points
  3. David will (Ising / Pfungstadt), 54 points
  4. Katrin Eckermann (Münster), 45 points
  5. Torben Köhlbrandt (Ibbenbüren), 24 points
  6. Janne Friederike Meyer (Schenefeld), 21 points
  7. Dominique Hendrickx (Belgium), 19 points
  8. Albert Zoer (Netherlands), 16 points
  9. Patrick Stühlmeyer (Osnabrück), 14 points
  10. Max Kühner (Munich-Starnberg), 13 points


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