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Luciana Diniz
 Interview with Luciana Diniz
Luciana Diniz
Interview with Luciana Diniz

Today the traditional CHIO Aachen begins. Luciana Diniz shows two horses of Edouard de Rothschild: Lady Lindenhof and Calvie. Her best horse Winningmood is not going in Aachen and at the Olympics due to a minor setback.

  • What does the CHIO Aachen mean for you?

    The CHIO in Aachen is always something totally special. In fact for me personally the World Equestrian Festival is the best show in the world. I love Aachen, the spectators and the atmosphere. I always feel very home in Aachen every time.

  • As a native Brazilian what do you think about this year's CHIO partner, Rio de Janeiro?

    It is a great idea! I was delighted when I heard about it. I was born in Brazil, live in Germany and ride for Portugal. My grandfather is Portuguese. But in my heart I am definitely Brazilian. Brazil is a special country: We have excellent weather, sunshine and our people are very friendly and open. Aachen can look forward to wonderful guests.>p>

  • Last year you came fourth in the ROLEX Grand Prix, the Grand Prix of Aachen. Unfortunately, you knocked down the very last obstacle. Do you often still think about that competition?

    Of course, it was a fantastic show, even if I did narrowly miss taking the victory. I always say: New game, new luck. My horses and I are well prepared. Furthermore, I have observed something very interesting at recent shows and have developed my own theory based on these experiences. First of all I came third at the show in Wiesbaden, a year later I finished second and this year I won. There has been a similar pattern with the CHIO Aachen: In 2010 I came sixth, last year I was fourth. I am eager to see what happens this year...it is definitely an upward trend!

  • Which horses will you be riding in Aachen?

    In total I am bringing four horses to Aachen with me: My famous horse Lennox, Lady Lindenhof, Calvie and Fit for Fun 13.

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