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Lamm de Fetan is in the training again

Lamm de Fétan is not being replaced, but supported by Zorro, recently purchased by Edouard de Rothschild. The owner is highly pleased that his stallion has regained his health.

“My veterinary doctor Fabrice Rossignol, who actually does exceptionally good work at all times, unfortunately made an error here by concentrating exclusively on Lamm de Fétan‘s ankle joints—he should have examined the hoofs, too,” said the chairman of France Galop. “Since my last statement I have been working more closely with Dr. Roland Perrin, who attended Lamm for 8 years. Together with a farrier, we have now tested six or seven different kinds of horseshoes and finally found the right ones. Since that time, Lamm has stopped limping. In three weeks we will restart his jump training. I want to take this opportunity to emphasise that the purchase of Zorro was never intended to replace Lamm, as some have wrongly understood it, but only in addition and for completeness. Zorro is Zorro and Lamm is Lamm—I purchased each of them due to their own unique qualities. Additionally, the leasing contract with Ludger Beerbaum for Clintus has expired. In view of the fact that I know very well how the public loves Lamm, I owe him and us transparency and clarity.”

With daily support from Olivier Guillon and technical assistance from Gilles Bertran de Balanda during training with Ludger Beerbaum, the head of Libération should now be able to continue his quest for Olympic medals under the Israeli flag.”

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